Wednesday, October 3, 2012

GoldenEye Tribute...

James Bond and the "beta" boat at the island
Almost five years since I last played GoldenEye 007... Recently played a few rounds of Multiplayer, and it took me back to the files I collected during the years of Detstar's Goldeneye site...

I've put together a little collection here:

Four different suits worn by 007,
featured in Multiplayer using Gameshark codes..
Seemed like a waste to keep all these pics permanently archived... Especially since the game's a classic, and still being enjoyed to this day.

It's a world that I've been out of for so long, so naturally I was blown away after seeing the amazing things that they've done with ROMs & emulators, especially Goldeneye X.


  1. One problem with the guest stars page: May Day was in A View to a Kill which was a Moore movie, not a Dalton one.

    1. That's late night writing for ya...
      Error fixed. Thanks for catching it.

  2. Hey T: back in the day when the PD website went to hell the first time, I remember you toying with the idea of burning all your website files onto cds and mailing them to folks. Do you still have all that stuff lying around? Would you consider throwing everything on a cd/dvd for a price?

  3. I'd love to do something like that, but one slight problem is that all of the page files use server side includes... So without a server viewing the pages would be a pain in the ass.

    If you're really interested in the files for the PD site, I can probably find them and send 'em to you as they are, if you want to play around with the pages and images...