Saturday, December 15, 2012

Drawn Together...

It's neat to see cartoon characters drawn with a different style.
And it's especially unique to see your own characters re-done in tribute form...
Here's some cool Dexter Comics fan-art:
Marley, Dexter & Mary by Techneon
(Actual character design from a Flash project)
Pyro Pete
by The Evil H3X
 Dexter & Marley
by Matt S.


  1. Ha! Techneon and Hex... I haven't seen those names in ages.

    Also, whatever happened to the Mary Ann character? She hasn't been in the comics forever? And Ned?

  2. Some characters work better with others, and the wacky chemistry seem to flow better with Skye & Candi than it does with Mary Anne...

    Mary's the good girl, the voice of reason... She's in a few unfinished episodes, and hopefully we'll see her sometime in 2013.