End of an Era

Written by DetErest

I’m not same person I used to be…

Back in 1999, I launched my personal tribute to Goldeneye 007 and was overwhelmed by the response from players all over the world. I’ve covered several games since then, but Goldeneye was by far the most enjoyable.

I was younger and more energetic back then, and a decade of this stuff is enough to make a person go crazy. I realized that I’m just not having fun anymore.

Video games used to be my favorite hobby, but now it’s impossible for me to play games for fun because it feels like I’m at work.

I completely understand that many people don’t like my decision, and I challenge these individuals to try and run a gamesite for a decade. After a few years, they’d completely understand where I’m coming from.

So what will the future hold? My comics and artwork are my favorite hobbies now. I feel truly relaxed and happy when I’m creating something of my own.


  1. I wish you would give Blizzard games a try. SC2 and D3 are fun. You might find something quite enjoyable.

  2. Loved Detstar, even though at that time I was probably too young to be playing Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. Lol!! But seriously Det, always loved the site, loved the game. Would always check "mailbag" or whatever it was called! Man, there were some crazy emails you had to deal with. Good luck