Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bond... Lego Bond.

Agent 007 is interrogated in the Lego Archives...
Lego Goldeneye: YouTube Link
If you're a fan of GoldenEye 007, check out this video I found on YouTube...
Lego Goldeneye, a video spoof of the N64 game. Hilarious voice acting and authentic sound effects. Some funny shit!
YouTube Link

Monday, September 24, 2012

Legend of Detstar

Trevelyan: For England, James?
Bond: No. For me.
13 years ago to this day (September 24, 1999), an aspiring webmaster opened a website, sharing his Goldeneye 007 obsession with the world. I never imagined the pages would be so quickly devoured by fellow Goldeneye fanatics, nor could I have predicted that the site would evolve into nearly a thousand pages...

Here's a quick look back that at the beginning, the rise and fall of the gamesite as we knew it.... Legend of Detstar.

Pyro Pete and Dexter the horrible...
Dexter Comics Episode 179
In a brand new episode of the Comics, Pete meets up with an old buddy... If you can get something for free, why pay for it? Dexter practices this school of thought with the cafeteria's vending machine.

Friday, September 14, 2012

City of the Damned...

A pirate, a priest and a terroristare sitting at a bar in Hell...
Here's Dexter Comics Episode 177, the first episode in nearly 4 years... Dexter finds himself in Hell, playing cards with other criminals. Guest stars include the infamous Captain Blackbeard, and international terror sensation Osama bin Laden!

Decided to post new comics on deviantArt for now, because blogger squishes 'em down, making the text unreadable.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dexter Comics 2012

Spoof of Green Day's 1992 Kerplunk album cover
featuring Skye from Dexter Comics.
(See my Green Day version on deviantArt)
Been working on a few new episodes... Much to my own surprise, I can still draw the characters right out of my head.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Encyclopedia DetStaria...

Anyone looking for the lost pages of can go here:

I spent some time browsing the GoldenEye section, and it's cool, yet eerie. Some of this stuff I wrote over a decade ago. A few screens are missing, but it's like touring the ruins of an ancient pyramid. Some of the treasures are gone, but you can still read the hieroglyphs on the walls.

Also glad that GoldenEye 007 has managed to live on forever, and is still being played all over the world. Rock on!