Wednesday, October 3, 2012

GoldenEye Tribute...

James Bond and the "beta" boat at the island
Almost five years since I last played GoldenEye 007... Recently played a few rounds of Multiplayer, and it took me back to the files I collected during the years of Detstar's Goldeneye site...

I've put together a little collection here:

Four different suits worn by 007,
featured in Multiplayer using Gameshark codes..
Seemed like a waste to keep all these pics permanently archived... Especially since the game's a classic, and still being enjoyed to this day.

It's a world that I've been out of for so long, so naturally I was blown away after seeing the amazing things that they've done with ROMs & emulators, especially Goldeneye X.

Monday, October 1, 2012


What's the big deal, man?
Dexter Comics Episode 180
Life is a highway... And it's always an adventure when Marley's at the wheel...
Presenting Dexter Comics Episode 180, appropriately numbered...